Mobile Lab Computing – ILIMS

Smartphones ,  Tablet PCs and APPs are wide spread used now.

GPRS und WLAN are now well established and secure basis technologies.
If you use these technologies in the right way they will speed up your business processes.
Many companies are using Smart phones together with Voice over IP. Employees are trained  to use APPs for travel planning, booking hotels, scan their travel expenses with the Smartphone cams, etc.

What does this trend mean for the Laboratory IT?
We see the highest potential in the process of mobile Sample logisticmobile result entry and Management Dash Boards.


Together with a well established Software vendor we developed a new product  LIMScon iLIMS.  The product will be an Enhancement of your existing LIMS,  you can combine it with any LIMS from the market.
Of course this new technology is also independent from Operating systems, you can use it on Android, Apple or Windows devices.

 Typical Areas

  • Mobile Sample pulling
  • Mobile Sample reception
  • Sample storage
  • Mobile Result Entry
  • Management Dashboards