During 20  Years experience  in LIMS business, we have developed a network of self employed specialists and  System- and Software companies.

We are staffing our projects from this network.

The human nature to establish relation ships  enables us to interact as a team, using different talents and skill sets.

Team work in project means defining clear roles and responsibilities and assignment of work streams and tasks to resources. The assignment to resources with the right skill set is crucial within projects .

Experts may change their role during their career from project to project and also within a project. Individual development is appreciated  and will be supported by our management.

We also allow people to make steps back , careers are not always “One-Way-Roads”. A step back is sometimes required to get trained in new areas .

Every project requires a different skill set of people, the more our resources worked in projects, the broader their experience.

These principles made us successful during the last decades and resulted in delivering many successful projects.

Nowadays our network consists of Consultants , Project Managers, Validation experts, Business Analysts, Programmer, Administrators, System Managers, etc.


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