System Implementation

The LIMS vendor market has been in a consolidation and concentration process during the last years. We have identified the following reasons for this:

The applied industry is itself in a process of merging, which necessarily means less system diversity.

The oversupply on the market was adjusted by the fact that LIMS manufacturers were taken over and / or voluntarily left the market.
ERP systems such as e.g. SAP has integrated quality control functions into their systems that are able to replace parts of the classic LIMS functionality.

Clearly recognizable is the globalization of the providers
We are currently at the end of this concentration process, the market is recovering rapidly.

After a sufficient analysis of the situation, we think that now is the right time for a new investment.



We will gladly assist you in finding your LIMS strategy, taking into account the following aspects:

  • Visualization of your processes
  • Assessment of functionality against your requirements
  • Economics
  • Evaluation of potential suppliers
  • We are aware that a change of system requires a coherent concept.

For us this means:

  • Structured analysis of the actual situation
  • Defining the To Be processes
  • Determination of the requirements for a new system
  • Integration into your ERP system (use what’s there)
  • Support of the selection process of potential new systems
  • Compliant implementation
  • Archiving the existing data

Systems we implemented:

  • Labvantage
  • Labware
  • Starlims (Abbott)
  • Maqsima
  • SAP/QM
  • QD(S/QM (Waters)
  • Beckmann


Are you interested?

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